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Interest-only mortgages for older borrowers

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Not your typical lender

In fact, we were built based on the belief that the usual high street options mortgage options available when you’re 55 and over are limited and not good enough.

As a specialist lender, we offer a range of retirement-interest only mortgages. We’ve taken the time to think about what your customers may need and the care that they might want from us throughout the time they have a relationship with us.

We’ve also made it easier for you by simplifying our application process, asking as few questions as possible on our online broker portal. And by using technology and data to support our assessment of affordability.

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Creating new possibilities for 55+

Our expert team has decades of experience in both later life lending and in financial technology innovation. We’ve combined this expertise to ensure that our products contain features that are specific to our target audience.

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We have the team to deliver

A group of industry experts have come together to create LiveMore. From our highly regarded executive board and throughout the entire business, we attract and develop the best talent.

We have alumni from Lloyds Bank, Molo Finance, Bank of Ireland, London & Country Mortgages, Mansard Capital Management, among other well known and established institutions.

Our entrepreneurial approach allows each individual member of our team to excel in their specialised area.

Talk to one of our sales team

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