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We're on a mission to restore lending to the over 55s.

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We have a more positive view of older borrowers.

Traditional high street lenders often take a very narrow, and negative view, of borrowers who were around when The Who first started singing “My Generation” in 1965. 

Our approach is radically different.  We look beyond the applicant’s age and focus on more relevant financial issues.  Such as their long credit history.  The likelihood they’ll have income from work, pensions and investments way beyond a “traditional” retirement age.  And we understand that a desire to unlock equity from a home is not irresponsible – it can make perfect sense for all manner of reasons.

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We think this generation deserves better – and we’re providing it.

We offer the widest range of fixed rates to choose from 5years right the way up to lifetime. 

We’re also open minded about helping people overcome the challenges they currently face in the real world.  We have no maximum age restriction and help borrowers:

  • Fix for Life – they may never need another mortgage again

  • With an interest only mortgage for life and no set deadline for the mortgage to be repaid.

  • Get a mortgage when other High Street lenders have left them high and dry

  • Reduce payments through consolidation of other borrowings, to help family, to improve their property or to supplement their lifestyle.

  • Use their property as part of their overall wealth and inheritance tax planning

  • Access lower interest rates and escape from “mortgage captivity”

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A holistic and human approach to underwriting.

We have taken a fresh look at affordability and assess against the interest only payment, not the capital and interest one.  This enables your customers to borrow considerably more, but in a way that’s both sustainable and responsible.

We may also be able to consider income that will plausibly continue beyond a “traditional” retirement age.  Some people continue to work, full or part-time and we understand that
retirement might be phased.  We also accept income from state, private or occupational pensions.

Our terms are very reasonable in other ways too.

  • We have no fixed mortgage term and no maximum age 

  • There’s no early repayment charge in the event of a borrower’s death

  • We allow a payment break of up to six months in the event of death of a borrower, serious illness or some other major life event 

  • All customers sit within our customer care programme