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At last. Mortgages for grown-ups.

Enabling the over 55s to live life to the full with interest only mortgages. We take all their sources of income into account so we can lend to those that other providers can't help.

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Many mortgage lenders penalise or ignore more mature borrowers. We don't.

Age never used to be a big issue for mortgage applicants. But then came the tightening after the credit crunch which has put huge numbers of blameless, responsible and low risk older borrowers into some very tight spots.

Some have become "mortgage prisoners" trapped in expensive deals. Others, coming to the end of interest only mortgages, are being pressured to sell up and repay their mortgage. Some have sought the sanctuary of equity release, but many others would simply prefer to keep an interest only mortgage to maintain their quality of life or to help their children and we are the perfect home for them.


Older borrowers deserve better.

Many lenders have turned their backs on midlife borrowers, even when they deserve and can afford much better.

The current assessment criteria used by many lenders do not take account the changing economic and social realities of more mature borrowers aged over 55.

People are getting on the housing ladder later. They are working longer, with many still earning some form of income way beyond a "traditional" retirement age. They may have additional income from private or state pensions and other assets. And many of them have been successfully servicing a mortgage for years - they're actually less of a risk than younger borrowers and these are exactly the people we want to help.

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We have restored some common-sense.

It's crazy to take a "computer says no" attitude that ignores all these realities.

We're on a mission to help intermediaries with sensible affordability criteria, for sensible borrowers, with sensible needs. Our solutions are tailor made for more mature borrowers and take a realistic view of the whole affordability picture. They're mainstream mortgage products that empower responsible borrowers to live life to the full - a much needed return to common sense.

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